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suisseoption.com Suisseoption.com and Jack Ryan is an unlicensed and unregulated CFD selling criminal enterprise 2017-04-06 Lura
2017-04-06 06:15, Lura wrote:

Suisseoption.com and Jack Ryan is an unlicensed and unregulated CFD selling criminal enterprise
Update. They are still a scam. I am now with a large group of scammed victims from all over the world.
Immediately stop sending them any Money!! Do not believe a word of their lies. Report them to the FBI IC3 Internet crime reporting page. Report them to your local securities commission and police. They are using fake names, fake address, and fake phone number to look like they are calling from London, UK. Absolutely do not ‘buy’ any CFDS from them. They are not regulated, registered, or licensed to operate anywhere in the world.
Follow us at @suisseoption on Twitter where we are using it as a victim portal for more information to fight back, expose, identify, and prosecute these criminals. Do not trust Jack Ryan, Richard Brenner, Jim Nolan, Emma Kent, David Murano, Harvey Michael’s, or any other person from this criminal enterprise. They are con artists who steal your Money! Do not believe a word they say period.
Read the reviews and warnings! Travis  
suisseoption.com www.suisseoption.com is a SCAM 2017-03-13 Jasmin
2017-03-13 21:21, Jasmin wrote:

www.suisseoption.com is a SCAM
www.suisseoption.com is a SCAM Binary Options criminal website. I have been scammed 30k. Jack Ryan and Richard Brenner are scammers. 
swissfxtrading.com No communication since December. 2017-02-03 Sulton
2017-02-03 01:44, Sulton wrote:

No communication since December.
Nov 2016 I signed up and invested $500 USD - for a short time I had a broker working on my behalf and I felt confident that this was working, but since the 28 December I have been unable to call, email, chat or make any contact with the company and though I have repeatedly tried to make contact it is to no avail. It appears now that the trading is set on an automatic trade as the profit/loss is changing every 15 mins. I am not happy with this, to me it is the easiest way to loose every cent I have invested and there is no way for me to stop it. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. 
instaforex.com INSTAFOREX SCAM 2016-12-14 Estaben
2016-12-14 03:45, Estaben wrote:

Instaforex cancelar los beneficios si un corredor de introducción de operaciones en su cuenta y gana dinero. Son una gran SCAM. 
titantrade.com Titan Criminals... 2016-12-04 Delker
2016-12-04 21:21, Delker wrote:

Titan Criminals...
My experience with Titan Trade was horrendous...they prey on the fact that you do not have knowledge of the markets and place you in what they say are "Insured Trades or VIP Trades"..no such thing....and they systematically wip out your account.Why these companies are even allowed to continue is beyond me...their track record is there for all to see..companies like this should not be allowed to offer their poison to anyone... 
ifx4u.com IFX4U is a Scam and Cheating 2016-11-30 Clauss
2016-11-30 05:08, Clauss wrote:

IFX4U is a Scam and Cheating
IFX4u is a scam. Don't ever invest in it. They make continuous call and make you fall in trap. Kind words will filter you. I personally invested more than 2 Laks INR. They will not pick the calls after your maturity date. Well designed website and customer care.
Beware Beware
netotrade.com Attention Neto Trade 2016-11-11 Marielle
2016-11-11 19:54, Marielle wrote:

Attention Neto Trade
Ces personnes de NetoTrade ne sont pas réglementées et fonctionnent totalement illégalement! 
trade-24.com les pattes! 2016-10-02 Ron
2016-10-02 17:06, Ron wrote:

les pattes!
les pattes! ces voleurs ont volé mon argent. et ne sont plus accessibles 
alliancecapitalmarket.com Scam Company 2016-08-15 Christine
2016-08-15 16:58, Christine wrote:

Scam Company
Another Scam Company just called me http://alliancecapitalmarket.com/ - Pitching Binary Options but selling them as Directional Trading 
sunbirdfx.com Sunbirdfx has no Phone Number 2016-08-05 Tooker
2016-08-05 13:13, Tooker wrote:

Sunbirdfx has no Phone Number
customer: hello

sunbirdfx: hello

customer: i would like to call you in order to open an account

sunbirdfx: you can open account right now with me

customer: i rather prefer to call or meet you in order to open an account

sunbirdfx: sir write me please your full name, email, Tel, and tell me in which language you with to speak. someone will call you

customer: why dont you publish a phone number on your website?

sunbirdfx: beacuse we don't need it. you want that someone will call you??

customer: ther is only a letterbox company at your address given on your website. tell me please, where can i meet you in london?

Sunbirdfx does not answer anymore.... SCAM!!!!!!!

alphacmarkets.com alphacmarkets.com is not malta licensed 2016-08-04 Kiefer
2016-08-04 16:57, Kiefer wrote:

alphacmarkets.com is not malta licensed
@alphacmarkets.com: a number of clients have sent you money and now they are unable to get this back from you. You also claim to be Malta regulated??? 
youtradefx.com letterbox company with fake phone numbers 2016-08-04 Alessi
2016-08-04 14:00, Alessi wrote:

letterbox company with fake phone numbers
customer: Hi, can i open an account with you?

youtradefx: hello sir. yes you can

customer: i tried to call you, but could not reach you

youtradefx: its better in the chat. so how can i help?

customer: you have an office i can meet you?

youtradefx: you are from holland?

customer: yes sir

youtradefx: we are sitting in Marshall Island

customer: you are sitting in Marshall Islands right now? is youtradefx a letterbox company?

youtradefx: sir do you need help with open an account?

customer: it is important for me to know if you are a serious company or not. if you are a letterbox company, i can't invest with you

youtradefx: we are serious company

customer: as you don't deny beeing a letterbox company and as your phone numbers on your website don't work, i cant make business with you

youtradefx left the chat... scam!!
cfd1000.com No Phone Number 2016-08-02 Noe
2016-08-02 13:42, Noe wrote:

No Phone Number
Roger: hi, can i also trade stocks with you?

cfd1000: hello. yes you can. you need to register first. http://www.cfd1000.com/en/contact-us

Roger: can i call you first?

cfd1000: open account and do your first deposit

Roger: i can't see a phone number on your website

cfd1000: someone will call you. what is your phone num?

Roger: why don't you publish your phone number? i just wonder

cfd1000: we dont have incoming calls. only outcoming

Roger: i see. do you have an office i can visit?


cfd1000 is definitely SCAM 
cfd1000.com CFD1000 scam alert 2016-08-01 Jill
2016-08-01 14:19, Jill wrote:

CFD1000 scam alert
There is a scam alert issued against this broker. Below are links of experiences and warnings, from the crimminal activity of CFD1000.




stcapitals.com website should be removed 2016-07-28 Olivia
2016-07-28 01:15, Olivia wrote:

website should be removed
stcapitals website should be removed ! 
sunbirdfx.com sunbirdfx is scam with fake regulator 2016-07-08 Zoe
2016-07-08 13:59, Zoe wrote:

sunbirdfx is scam with fake regulator
sunbirdfx assured they were regulated, as you can read their email below. but fmrrc is a fake regulator...

Hello xxx,

I enjoyed our talk earlier, it was nice to get to know you a bit better and I am sure we will speak a lot more in the future.

We talked about our regulation and I told you we are regulated, here is the link to the regulation.


Also you can find the link on the bottom of the page Sunbirdfx.com

Under Licenses.

Tell me if you can find it.

Best Regards,
Oscar Andersson
Trading Specialist

Tel : 353-1-9014606

Skype ID: oscar.andersson.sunbirdfx 
4investcapital.com 4InvestCapital, un broker dont il faut se méfier 2016-07-08 Lea
2016-07-08 00:03, Lea wrote:

4InvestCapital, un broker dont il faut se méfier
bonsoir. j'ai mis de l'argent mais ce broker pu l'arnaque. téléphone rerouter adresse fictif. ip en Russie leur numéro 
sunbirdfx.com Sunbirdfx is scam 2016-07-07 Esther
2016-07-07 20:28, Esther wrote:

Sunbirdfx is scam
I get a sense that you guys at sunbirdfx operate a scam 
optionsxo.com stay away 2016-07-06 Mateo
2016-07-06 01:47, Mateo wrote:

stay away
OptionsXO has stolen my money. Their chatsystem is offline, they're ignoring my emails!

stay away! 
sunbirdfx.com fraud company 2016-06-28 Ariana
2016-06-28 12:23, Ariana wrote:

fraud company
Company is fraud and clients have many negative experiences with sunbirdfx 
instaforex.com Scam Broker Warning: INSTAFOREX!!! 2016-06-24 Joseph
2016-06-24 02:15, Joseph wrote:

Scam Broker Warning: INSTAFOREX!!!
They won't pay you the money or make your withdrawal very difficult!!! 
500option.com not returning funds 2016-06-21 Thomas
2016-06-21 13:31, Thomas wrote:

not returning funds
I'm having issues with them - they're not returning my funds. 
ukoptions.com big scam 2016-06-17 Mia
2016-06-17 09:50, Mia wrote:

big scam
Ukoptions is a big scam. They trade my account and erode my profit  
youtradefx.com Scam 2016-06-12 Claire
2016-06-12 16:42, Claire wrote:

C'est la fraude. Une société de Scam, ils ne demandent qu'à déposer plus d'argent dans votre compte, et vous ne pouvez jamais retirer de l'argent.
Faites attention
General Welcome to forex-blacklist.com 2016-05-16 Admin
2016-05-16 20:05, Admin wrote:

Welcome to forex-blacklist.com
Feel free to write the first review on our brand new site...