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Our unique and searchable database displays hundreds of forex, binary options and crypto currency brokers that have triggered public warnings by Supervisory Authorities

Blacklisted Website Date             Headline

20-22 Wenlock Road

Around 9% of all public warnings are triggered by brokers that are located on 20-22 Wenlock Road in London.

No Mailing Address

37% of the blacklisted brokers do not publish their mailing addresses. Others spell the own mailing address incorrectly.

United Kingdom

Not less than 41% of the blacklisted brokers pretend to be incorporated in the UK, followed by 8% in Switzerland.

Growth Rate

Over time, the number of blacklist entries rises 7% per month.

Most discussed

There is a close connection between the most discussed blacklisted brokers YoutradeFx and SunbirdFx.


On average, 4% of the blacklisted websites turn inactive every month.

Fake Regulators

The Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC) has NO Supervisory Power but “regulates” numerous blacklisted brokers.

Brokers in Mini-States

You are likely to lose your legal rights if you sign up with a forex broker that is incorporated in a mini-state in the Caribbean or on the Seychelles.


Not having met the bonus conditions is a popular pretext used by blacklisted brokers to prevent you from withdrawing even your initial deposit.

A Question scamming Brokers can't Answer:

What is the address of your office where I can meet you in person?

Letterbox Company

A vast proportion of the scam market is run by some very few persons who own a large number of letterbox companies.

Fake regulatory Certifications

Blacklisted brokers often display the logo of a Supervisory Authority with a fake registration number or no registration number at all.